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Printing Industry News

Current status of printing industry in 2019 (packaging and Printing)

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Overall, the global printing industry is performing well.
Global printing is in good overall condition. Most global indicators have risen in the past five years, with about 40% of printers thinking their companies are in a “good” state, but 13% of respondents believe the situation is “poor”. In addition, the results of different surveys in different regions and markets are very different. North America, Europe, and Australia are still stable growth regions. Asia, the Middle East, and Middle and South America are developing continuously, while Africa is clearly declining.
Packaging and functional printing continue to grow, commercial printing and publication printing are chilled.
Observing the market segment, it can be seen that the packaging and functional printing market continues to grow, and commercial printing and publication printing (except book printing) have been met with a cold shoulder. Suppliers participating in the survey generally showed confidence in the packaging and functional markets, and it has been seen from recent reports that this segment of the market is increasingly optimistic, and its proportion has risen significantly from 18% in 2014 to 53% in 2017.



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