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Zhejiang Haoly Limited is part of Lanxi Jinhua Machine company.In the past ten years, Haoly has grown into a printing and packaging industries solutions conpany with some manufacturing factories partners and business offices in some countries. Except the machines that Lanxi Jinhua manufactured, we also can provide kinds of printing and packaging machine, such as 1. Post press machine 2. Printing Machine 3. Quick printing machine 4. Paper product making machine

For the ten years, We are proud of our longstanding relationships with our customers and suppliers who inspire us to offer exceptional products and service.In the printing and packaging industries,We offer very competitive price in a variety of configurations according to customer’s request. According to our professional knowledge, we can always provide customers with the best solution or machine.

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Post Press Machine

For the traditional printing enterprises, we provide all kinds of post-press equipment, such as equipment for hardcover books and notebook, all kinds of binding equipment, as well as all kinds of conventional necessary post-press equipment

Printing Machine

Printing makes the world more colorful, we provide all kinds of printing equipment, such as offset press machine, label printing machine, screen printing machine, flexible printing machine.

Digital Printing Equipment

The rapid development of digital quick printing need more digital-printing equipment, we can provide a smaller size, better performance of digital-printing equipment, such as paper cutter, binding machine, laminating machine and so on

Paper Product Machine

Packaging industry is inseparable from printing, we provide customers with a variety of equipments for making paper products, such as paper cups, boxes, bags etc.

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Top ten dust removal method for Printing factory II

Top ten dust removal method for Printing factory 6. equipment cleaning dust removal method Because the dust in the carton board workshop is relatively large, the paper ash easily falls into the top of the printing machine and the machine baffle. This is a problem that many enterprises are prone to. The equipment is not ... + Read more

Top ten dust removal method for Printing factory

Top ten dust removal method for Printing factory 1. Winding the tape around the paper feed roller Tape dusting is to sew double-sided tape or fiber tape around the paper feed roller and remove dust by adhesive tape. The advantages of this method are obvious in the early stage, and the installation is also convenient. T ... + Read more

Current status of printing industry in 2019 (Equipment suppliers)

Haoly Machine Equipment suppliers have low margins and sales increase, and sheetfed offset still dominates The survey of equipment suppliers shows that sales have increased, but profits are obviously meager. Although the proportion of digital printing sales has increased, sheetfed offset printing is still the most comm ... + Read more

Current status of printing industry in 2019 (digital Printing)

Haoly Machine Printing companies are more confident about digital Printing In terms of digital printing, the overall operating cycle is prolonged, the production lead time is shortened, and the business volume is increasing. However, the proportion of digital printing turnover is only slowly increasing, and the proport ... + Read more

Current status of printing industry in 2019 (packaging and Printing)

Haoly Machine Overall, the global printing industry is performing well. Global printing is in good overall condition. Most global indicators have risen in the past five years, with about 40% of printers thinking their companies are in a “good” state, but 13% of respondents believe the situation is “poor”. In addition, ... + Read more





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