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Top ten dust removal method for Printing factory

Top ten dust removal method for Printing factory

1. Winding the tape around the paper feed roller

Tape dusting is to sew double-sided tape or fiber tape around the paper feed roller and remove dust by adhesive tape. The advantages of this method are obvious in the early stage, and the installation is also convenient. The disadvantage is that for a period of time, more swarf will stick on the tape to form a hard block, which will seriously push the paper out of the pit and easily fall on the cardboard to cause printing paste or whitening. Therefore, the dust on the wheels must be cleaned after a period of use.

2. Attaching the tape to the cardboard

When the printing plate is stuck by dust, causing the printing to appear white, at this time, the double-sided tape is applied to the position where the printing is leaked, and then printing is performed. The dust on the printing plate can be removed by double-sided tape, so that the printing plate can be avoided. The disadvantage is that it may stick to the printing plate or other locations.

3. Straight hair brush dust removal method

The printing machine generally has a row of brushes. Because of the long time of using, the hair on the brush is worn and the brush is filled with dust. This brush is to be cleaned and maintained regularly. If the brush is worn, the brush has no dust removal function. The height of the brush installation should also be checked regularly. If it is a row of brushes, it can be changed into a double row brush, so that the dust removal effect is the best.

4. the roller brush dust removal method

It is common to add a printing unit with 2 brush rollers mounted on it. The rotation speed of the brush is lower than the rotation speed of the machine, and the dust is removed by the speed difference of the brush. This investment is relatively large.

5. Water dust removal method

Installing the first color into a single printing plate, then apply water, and clean the cardboard dust with water on the printing plate. This effect is also ok, suitable for winter, so that the cardboard is not easy to burst, the shortcomings are easy to deink after printing on water, and the cleaning of the roller is relatively long.



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