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Top ten dust removal method for Printing factory II

Top ten dust removal method for Printing factory

6. equipment cleaning dust removal method
Because the dust in the carton board workshop is relatively large, the paper ash easily falls into the top of the printing machine and the machine baffle. This is a problem that many enterprises are prone to. The equipment is not cleaned in time, and there is a lot of dust accumulated on the top of the equipment for a long time. When the equipment is turned on, it generates vibration, and the dust falls on the cardboard or the printing plate, resulting in poor printing. It is very important when the equipment is cleaned.
7. ground sprinkler dust removal method:
The dust on the ground is mainly from the slotting unit. The paper ash generated during the slotting process is easy to fly inside the equipment, so it is necessary to sprinkle water on the equipment floor. This way the paper ash will fall on the ground and will not fly again. This is easier to use.

8. dust pipe dust removal method
A row of suction devices is installed on the side of the brush, similar to a vacuum cleaner, except that the suction port runs through the width of the printer. The suction pipes can be individually closed, and the dust is removed by adjusting the size of the suction wind.
9. cardboard empty running dust removal method
The cardboard is directly passed through the printing unit and the dust is removed while running. This method is relatively time consuming and the cardboard is easily crushed. Not recommended for use.
10. remove the dust removal method
This method is the simplest and most time-consuming, and the effect is relatively good. It is a piece of cardboard that is brushed with a brush, and then finished and printed. The amount of cardboard can be used less, and it is not extremely time consuming.



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