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Why do business cards always need two boxes to print?

business card printing machine

Customer: I want to print business card in one box.

Customer service: Good, dear. However, the same version of our business card is printed in two boxes.

Customer: But I only need to print one box is enough.

Customer service: business card printed a box, in fact, the price is similar like the two boxes. Because we actually still make two boxes.

Customer: I only need one box.

How do we explain this situation?

Below I will make some relevant answers to this question.

business card printing machine

Problem analysis

Nowadays, the business cards are basically colored. The commonly used materials are also 300 grams of coated paper. If you have a certain thickness, you have to use a large printing machine to print. The cost of a large printing press is high, so it must be Imprint to print. Imprinting is that many different people’s business cards are printed together, and the printing cost is shared on everyone’s body, so that the price of each box of business cards will be lower.

There are more people, more demands, in order to make better use of resources, easy to imposition, but also convenient for everyone, in the industry has formed unwritten rules, such as the MOQ of business cards is generally 2 boxes, 5 boxes, 7 boxes, 10 boxes and so on.



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